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I've been taking things to bits, and making things ever since I can remember, starting with dismantling knackered alarm clocks and watches and helping my dad fix the car. Now I have a well-equipped workshop and have aquired lots of new skills, so I can make better stuff. When they first appeared, I became involved with personal computers, and these and developments in electronics have increased the scope of the things that I can do. Just recently retired, so O yes, now I can make all sorts of stuff.....

Saturday, 26 November 2011

New router part 2

Finally managed to crack the last few issues, so the new box is now fully working and running my internet connection from both wired and wireless PCs. Its a bit fussy about DHCP, but I think its because you can't configure the PC with a default gateway unless you set a static address, do this to 'register' the gateway and then switch back to dynamic addressing and all is well. I also realised late in the day that my old router was still plugged in and probably still trying to serve up addresses and act as the gateway, even without the ADSL line connected.

Either way, all machines are now tickety-boo, just need to check that the phones connect as well and re-configure the internet radio and the IP camera to hook into the new wireless network and we're all done. Ten quid well spent, I think, lets see if this solves my connectivity issues.

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